Vintage O Gauge mostly Hornby exhibition layout.

      The Downs Light Railway Gala and Exhibition
The late Laurie Tandy's exhibition layout, Templeford, with its owners, the Tandy family, standing behind the layout during its first showing since 1962, in King Alfred's School Burnham on Sea October 31st 2015.
Hornby trains have been part of a way of life for all of us children as from birth. Each of us had some of our own stock to run on the "layout". The "layout" such as it was, consisted of one gigantic bone shaped running line which gave the appearance of double track running down the second floor landing between the loft at the front of our house and the bedroom at the top of the house at the back of the house. Off this double track ran a single line branch into the other bedroom, running under the bed into a terminus laid out below the bedroom window on the floor. In the other bedroom, a further terminus was laid out, with a trianglular junction allowing trains to depart from that particular terminus, circle all round the dog bone, and re-enter the terminus facing in the opposite direction. The problem with this was that it took dad the best part of two days just to lay it all out and to my knowledge it was only laid out like this on a couple of occasions in our early lifetime. Enter the formation of Malvern Model Railway Club, with a request for an O gauge layout, and the layout which we now know as Templeford was born. At the first exhibition, we were only children, aged 15, 12, 10, 7 and 4 year-old twins respectively.

So it somehow seemed remarkably fitting to return to Malvern to exhibit the layout at a school. Below are some of the photos both of Templeford at the Downs School, and the miniature railway in the school grounds. Please note, that the miniature railway is very rarely open to the general public, it is as much a teaching facility as a hobby.

​(photos copyright Claire Sheppy unless stated otherwise, no photos to be used without permission, which would not be unreasonably withheld)
At The Downs School,  Malvern Exhibition in April/ May 2017

For the Youtube video  of Templeford at the Downs Light Railway Gala and Exhibition
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Left to right, owners, Dave, Allan and Marilla, and Claire operating Templeford; with two goods trains, a 5 coach suburban passenger train in platform 1, and prominent in the foreground is the milk train, a regular feature on this layout, The goods sidings are being shunted by the dock tank.
Photo copyright Phil Tandy
Left to Right, Owners Dave, (shunting the sidings) and Phil (working the MPD), with Allan and guest Ian's friend Mark.
Express waiting to depart platform 2, local in Platform 1, goods changing engine crew in platform  4.
A study in concentration 2. Left to right, owners Marilla (working the panel and driving) and Ian (working the fiddle yard), Alex (driving) and Allan (getting ready to change engines on this 10 coach express). Alex is welcome to come to run the railway any time as are the other children from the railway hobby.  Note also Ranmore (at the end of the layout) and then see below. 
A  study in concentration. Marilla, and Alex of the
Railway hobby, each running a train. 
Behind Alex is Tony Ditchfield, who last saw the stock that now runs on the layout on 10th January 1959. Tony, who visited the Downs Light Railway with us on 14th July 1960, came along to help run the railway.
A rare appearance by 4 of our 5 Exley coaches behind an L1 in platform 4. In platfom 3 is a Pullman train consisting of 5 of our 9 Pullman cars, Just like their full size counterparts, they are remarkably heavy and it is a very powerful engine that can pull all 9 of them.
(Photo copyright David Tandy.)
Few of the visitors would have understood the significance of this particular locomotive. An accurate scale model of a London Brighton and South Coast Railway D1 class 0-4-2 tank locomotives, the full size loco was designed by William Stroudley and is painted in his famous improved engine green. (Stroudley was believed to be colourblind). It was the purchase of this locomotive in 1937 (co-incidentally the same year in which many of our Hornby locos were manufactured) which was solely responsible for the Downs Light Railway changing from 7 1/4 inch gauge to 9 1/2 inch gauge, a job that took the railway hobby two years to acheive. 
Totally unsuitable for the DLR. it lacked the power to get up the banks of the DLR, The steepest part of which for a short section is an eye watering 1 in 28.  

In a sense, the model railway exhibition was incidental to the running of the 9 and 1/2 gauge railway, The main purpose was to celebrate 90 years of the existence, and the recent completion of the restoration, of the Downs Light Railway. For the Tandy family it was a nostalgia trip, as we had first visited the Downs Light Railway in July 1960. 
For the children however, who have the DLR available every week, it was the other way round, they did not and will not have Templeford to run every week!  So several of them came and helped run the layout with us including Alex and Reuben and also Finn, seen here waiting for the token to allow him to drive the train to return to Hoyland Down. Any of the older members of the railway hobby are welcome to come to help run the layout with us, as long as they can find out where we are next! 
A photo showing all five of the active owners of Templeford. Approximately left-to-right are Dave (filming for the next youtube video), behind him is Marilla, (interacting with the spectators), Phil (working the Motive Power Depot), Claire, (getting ready to restart the train of Great Western Railway Exley coaches from platform 4), and Ian having paused the Pullman train in platform 3. Prominent in the foreground, is Ian's friend Mark, who managed to along with his wife time their visit from their home in the USA to help us setup, run and dismantle the layout. The little dock tank in the sidings is setting back ready to cut the two flat wagons from off the vans in that siding. The operator of the sidings is currently out of sight to the left of the photo.
Photo copyright Maddy Pennock.
In this photo, Tony Ditchfield, (who is a regular contributer to the Railway Modeller magazine, writing about his own model railway in his garage,) is contemplating restarting the 10 coach express out of platform 1. Meanwhile, Dave is running a loco round its  train in platform 3, and Claire is shunting the sidings. A train in platform 4 is awaiting the arrival of its loco from the motive power depot. The family have known Tony since he was 11 years old, in fact he was one of the visitors who came with us to visit the Downs School with Malvern Model Railway Club in July 1960. Photo copyright Maddy Pennock.