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 A Vintage O Gauge mostly Hornby exhibition layout.


Name of layout/exhibit:

Hornby O gauge coarse scale.

Country, company/area and year(s) modelled:
UK, non-specific other than Southern Railway area, 1930's

Exhibited by: Tandy family

Name of contact: Claire Sheppy

Postal Address: 43 Broadlands Avenue, North Petherton, Somerset, TA6 6QS.

E-mail: clairersheppy'at'

Tel (day): (01278) 662366

Tel (evening): (01278) 662366

Overall layout dimensions: 30' x 12' plus 4' for the fiddle yard, and the new terminus adjacent to rear running lines, making a footprint of 30' x 16'. A futher 2' (minimum) operating space is required at the rear of the layout. 

But the layout can alternatively be exhibited with the terminus (Templeford West) in the South West position where North is as viewed across the platforms from inside the layout. This adds a futher 24 ft to the length of the layout making a total length of 54 ft, and a total viewing length of  approximately 124 feet. (front, both sides and the full length of the terminus)

Total insurance value: £21,000

Estimated travelling expenses required: £200 - £300 fuel costs depending on distance. The layout can be transported on a 4 wheel trailer so there is no van hire necessary but we do need to run a minimum of 4 cars to carry the stock.

Number of operators needing lunch on:

A Saturday: 8
A Sunday: 8

Number of tables needed: 2

number of chairs needed: 4
Number of people needing accommodation.
To be negotiated.

( If any of your members could put up one or two of us that would help keep down costs considerably.)

If accomodation is required then accomodation would need to be negotiated.
(Details of the type(s) of room (double, twin, single, etc.):

Layout description for the exhibition guide:
Vintage O Gauge mostly Hornby exhibition layout
Featured Extensively in the February 2016 edition of the Hornby Railway Collectors' Association journal, this almost unique Vintage O gauge layout is mainly Hornby with a strong Southern Railway bias, but all of the "Big Four" companies are represented. Layout consists of four platform through station with avoiding loop, small goods yard, two further goods sidings, and motive power depot with turntable. Most points are power operated with one or two hand points which we get spectators to operate for us. There is also a two road fiddle yard to facilitate stock changes. Plans are in hand to increase the fiddle yard by adding an extra 5 roads to form a branch terminus which will double as a fiddle yard.  

Up to 5 simultaneous train movements can be happening at any one time, and the layout is able to replicate all of the train movements that one might find on a large through station on the full-sized railway in the 1930s.
Originally built in 1959 and exhibited in 1960 and 1962 by the late Laurie Tandy, this layout has been renovated in 2015 and was exhibited for the first time in 53 years by his children in October 2015.
Track plan and photos can be used on your website and in the exhibition guide. See below.
Track plan as drawn by our dad in 1960, just slightly modified as a result of the removal of the branch that used to leave the layout in the bottom left-hand corner. The MPD actually has four roads now, see below.
Above, two more photos of Templeford, the one on the left showing the motive power depot and turntable and the one on the right showing a view down the four platform roads from the East End,
We have now added the 5 road terminus "Templeford West", see photos below.