Vintage O Gauge mostly Hornby exhibition layout.

  TEMPLEFORD  appeared at the Warley National Model Railway Exhibition on
24th and 25th November 2018. This is the Templeford at Warley web page. 
The late Laurie Tandy's exhibition layout, Templeford, with its owners, the Tandy family, standing behind the layout on Octber 31st 2015, during its first showing since 1962.

Templeford appeared at the Warley Model  Railway Club Exhibition at the National Exhibition Centre on 24th and 25th November , 2018

We have been invited to take Templeford to Bournemouth Model Railway Club Exhibition on 9th and 10th February 2019

     We have been invited to take Templeford to the Spalding Model Railway Club Exhibition on 2nd and 3rd November. 2019. 

Youtube vid

There are now several videos of Templeford on Youtube, these include the Railfilms short video view from the footplate,
Templeford at Wimbledon
Templeford at the Downs Light Railway Trust Gala ,
and the Bessels Green Week. 
Additionally on Youtube are the two time lapse videos showing how Templeford was renovated.
The Bristol show Templeford video can be found via this link:

Templeford was at the two day Model Railway Exhibition held at the National Exhibition Centre Birmingham on 24th and 25th November 2018  

The photograph below shows the layout being set up in the at the time almost empty hall. 24 hours later it would be quite a different story, with some 10,000 people attending on the Saturday. 
Just some of the many specatators who would stop to watch the Motive Power Depot and the ever changing locos within it and quite often ask questions about the various locomotives.
The youngest member of the Tandy family operating Templeford on this particular outing was Andy, seen driving a locomotive at Templeford West. In the bottom right of the photo can be seen the signal box which hides the lever frame, this is an original Hornby signal box and lever frame, the lever frame controls all of the points in the station throat at Templeford West using rodding in just the same way as on the full-sized counterpart, which can often be seen on heritage railways but is also still in use in certain parts of the national network.
The platform end at Templeford West. The empty stock of the Bournemouth Belle is waiting for the train in platform 2 to depart so that it can be shunted across to take its place. 1759 has just reversed onto the stock in Platform 2. The Engine in platform 1, having arrived with the train in platform 2, has been run onto the turntable, turned, and run up through platform 1 in order to take water.
An uncharacteristically quiet Templeford West with Hornby 4-4-4 tank engine having just run around the van train which it has brought into platform 2.
Clearly visible in the bottom right-hand corner is the point rodding which controls all the points in the station throat and also the two doll bracket home signal which protects the station.
Despite the fact that many people would consider Templeford and all of its stock to just be toy trains on a giant train set, we endeavour to run the layout as realistically as possible. Dad had a real interest in milk trains, as was evidenced by the number of articles and letters that he wrote to the Hornby Railway Collector concerning such trains. In the days of steam, regular milk trains would run up from Devon and Somerset to London, these trains were very heavy and ran at express train speeds. However, return empties could quite often be seen attached to down passenger trains. Here we see the little black 0-4-0 tank engine having cut four empty milk tanks from off the back of an incoming passenger train. As we as a family get ever more familiar with running Templeford and its newest addition Templeford West, so the train movements that we try to replicate are becoming ever more varied. For example, see the latest Templeford at Warley part 1 on YouTube showing a luggage van being attached to the back of a passenger train.
A view of Templeford West, with in the foreground our Bassett Lowke Jinty in front of two maroon suburban coaches. Above the Jinty can be seen our six wheel GWR passenger fruit van. This view across all of the tracks from left to right, shows the down line, the bidirectional line, the up line, the two tracks of the fiddle Yard, the long siding of Templeford West, the shorter siding of Templeford West, the run round loop, platform 2 and platform 1. Our fiddle yard is not in any sense conventional, in that it was just intended to provide two tracks where stock could be put on and off as required throughout a show in order to show the immense range of stock in our possession. We are trying to ensure that everything that we own gets the chance of a run, but it does not always work out that way. We are always prepared to accommodate requests to see certain items running. (photo copyright David Tandy.)
It is always nice when people from other railway connections we know come up and talk to us, it happened to me on several occasions throughout the two days at the Warley show. The above photo was taken by Geoff Fisher (who holds its copyright) whom I had met when we went on a tour to the Darjeeling Himalayan Railway earlier in the year (in March 2018.) (We can be heard talking about this on " Templeford at Warley 2018 pt 2 ", as I happened to be filming at the time.
Geoff has caught a scene with one of the two Bramham Moor locos on Templeford West's handworked turntable. 

Links to the two Templeford at Warley 2018 videos.